Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gateway Ducati Owners Group September 2014 Message

Hi Folks,

Before we get into the meet of the message, there are some very important housekeeping items to deal with.  First, our first ride of October will be held on 10/5, a Sunday.  Then on the 14th, we shall have our monthly bike night.  It will be at East Coast Pizza at 6:30PM.  This bike night is important in that after the bike night, I will no longer be sitting as president of the owners group.  Other officers are also willing to step down from their positions as well.  The second ride of the month will occur on Saturday, October 18.

Regarding the group's officer election.  Whomever is elected president should have good written and verbal communication skills.  Listen well, and have the group's best interests at heart rather than their own.  Moreover, that individual should be constant and regular presence at rides and bike nights, baring unforeseen circumstances and health issues (my problem this year).    The ride captain is someone who understands that we have riders of varying abilities and skill levels.  We also have different types of motorcycles with different capabilities.  Knowledge of different routes and the ability and willingness to pre-ride is essential.  Included in the ride captain's responsibility is the development of other members of the group to become ride leaders, when necessary.  The treasurer is responsible for collecting the dues and depositing the dues into our account, issuing membership cards, and paying the few bills we have.  The secretary's primary responsibility is to maintain a viable contact list so we can mail out the member kits when they arrive.   The Vice-president's job is to be there when the president is there, and when he isn't able to be around.  Ideally, the VP will handle various items when the president is not around, and when asked.  Also, the VP should attend as many of the group's events as possible.  Like the president, the VP should have good written and verbal communication skills.

So everyone understands how important this election is, I am going to be very direct in the following sentences.  Regardless of the attendance at the bike night or whether anyone at all is interested in stepping up to leadership positions in the owners group, some of the other officers and I will be stepping down.  We are tired.  If no one decides to step up and assume leadership roles, the club will be forced to shut down.  

The weather at the beginning of September was a bit warm for riding, but by the time the first group ride of the month arrived, the mercury was very comfortable.  10 riders set off from the QT in Eureka, MO for a ride to Bourbon, MO.  The ride out to Bourbon was uneventful.  Our brunch at the restaurant in Bourbon was great.  The restaurant did a great job handling all of the riders' orders and served us good food in big portions.

The ride back was via 185 north to YY towards Krakow.  On YY, 2 to 3 miles west of Krakow, Brian Goldberg, riding his MotoGuzzi LeMans, misjudged a turn and crashed.  He was behind the main group and ahead of me, who was riding sweep.  I stopped, stayed with him, made certain he stayed still, which was not easy, and waiting for the emergency personnel to arrive.  Communication was established with the lead part of the group.  Two riders, Andrew Hagen and Craig McElroy came back to check what was going on.  We waited with Brian until he was taken to Mercy Hospital in Washington, MO.  Craig, Andrew, and I rode back to the main group waiting at YY and A in Krakow.  At that time, Craig, Bob Oesch, Alex Kurashev (a new member), and I rode to the hospital to check on Brian.

We waited in the emergency room area for a bit.  Brian's wife, Julie, came out and spoke with us.  Bob Oesch and I then spoke with Brian for a couple of minutes and then headed home.  Other than Brian, all riders arrived home on their own motorcycles.  Brian is doing well as of the last FB posts and is anxious to begin riding again.

The September bike night was held on the 9th at East Coast Pizza and was well attended.  Brian's condition was discussed and everyone was happy that he was well.  A spirited discussion of motorcycles ensued, which was very entertaining.

The second ride of the month was held on Saturday, October 20. It was a perfect day to ride. Five riders met in Eureka, and we picked up Dan Weber in St. Charles County.  Craig McElroy led a well paced ride to Hermann via 94, and took lettered roads back to Eureka.  All riders arrived back at their houses safely.

I look forward to the future rides and bike nights.

Gary Kwawer
Chief Contact Person and President
Gateway Ducati Owners Group

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  1. Hey, it's Brian Goldberg. Just to clarify, my Wife's name is Julie. My Mother-in-Law (my late wife's Mom) is named Judi. Easy to confuse, I know, but I feel obliged to point that out. For fairly obvious reasons, I think! ;-)

    I am still a bit sore, but getting better every day, and I've been on three rides since the accident for a total of about 125 miles or so. This weekend, on Sat. 9/27, I'm picking up my new (to me) 2013 Moto Guzzi V7 Special from the KC area. I'm flying in Friday PM and riding back Saturday, with a stop at Reno's Powersports in KC for a 600 mile service on the new bike. The bike only has about 550 miles on her, so I wanted the service done before passing that mileage point. We all know how Italian bikes have, shall we say, sensitive maintenance schedules! And I don't want to chance anything.

    I'd also like to thank Gary, Bob, and everyone else in the club for their support post-crash. I realize how lucky I am. I could've been hurt a lot worse, and I thank my quality riding gear for that. I hope to ride again with the Club, but I won't ever worry about keeping up with the (much) faster riders of the group. I'll just get there when I get there! Not getting there isn't so much fun, and like they all say, Crashing sucks. I do not recommend it for anyone!

    Take care, gang, and keep the shiny side up!