Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gateway Ducati Owners Group June Message

Hi Folks,

After the monthly bike night described last month, the Gateway Ducati Owners Group kept up with their activities for the last 3 weeks of May.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gateway Ducati Owners Group May Monthly Message

Hi Folks,

The month of April went by fast.  I was out of town starting on the 15th and did not return until May 5. During my absence, the group rides continued.  The second group ride of April had a date change due to the ride leader's, Jay, preference for riding in weather above 50 degrees.  This was a great idea. Unfortunately, the ride did not end up as planned.  Four riders set out: Jay, Kovy Young, Frank Trau, and Aaron Davis for a ride down to Bixby.  On Highway P, south of Potosi, Kovy encountered a problem in the turn and had an accident.   The members of the group handled the situation well.  Frank and Jay stayed with Kovy, kept him from moving, and made certain he was still breathing.  Aaron drove back to where he could get a cell phone signal and dialed 911.  The paramedics arrived, took him to the hospital in Potosi, eventually to SLU hospital, and now Kovy is back home, walking around.  He told me via text that he shall return to riding as soon as he is able.  All of us are grateful that he is recovering and wish him well.  Jay was leading his first ride, and showed remarkable poise and maturity when he encountered this situation.  Jay's actions are to be commended.  In fact, all of the riders did an excellent job making sure their injured friend was well taken care of.