Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gateway Ducati Owners Group June Message

Hi Folks,

After the monthly bike night described last month, the Gateway Ducati Owners Group kept up with their activities for the last 3 weeks of May.

Before we get started, here is the upcoming schedule of events:

  1. First June ride is a ride to Bixby, MO on Saturday, 6/1/2013 with a 7:30AM meet and 8:00AM departure from the QT on 109 south of I-44.  This is a good chance to get photos for the Scavenger Hunt.  the rain date will be Saturday, 6/8/2013 as the European Auto Show is on 6/2/2013 at Plaza Frontenac.
  2. European Auto Show is Sunday, June 2, 2013 in the morning at Plaza Frontenac.  Our own Eric Nordstrom is in charge of the event.  Other of our members are planning on showing their Ducatis.
  3. The June Gateway Ducati Owners Group will be holding the June Bike Night at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood starting at 6:30PM.  Don Christy, an ST2 rider, is scheduled to do a presentation on touring on a Ducati.  He just completed a 3500 mile trip to Utah and back.
  4. MotoEuropa Bike Night on Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 6:30PM.

The 2013 Scavenger Hunt started as of May 18.  There are new rules which have been emailed to the members.  If the email has been misplaced, please notify me ( and I will email you the list and rules.  Your photos should be sent to Joe Henderson (  He is keeping tally of the points total for the riders.

The 2nd monthly ride took place on the 18th. The skies were grey and foggy.  Three intrepid riders set forth that day for the ride to Potosi- Joe Henderson, Craig McElroy, and me.  We headed down 109 and the journey began.   Once we hit Potosi, we spied a Honda Goldwing Trike.  We made a quick stop and took a photo of all the motorcycles next to the trike in on order to obtain points for the Scavenger Hunt.

We had a brief conversation with owner of the trike, explaining to him what we were doing, and he wished us good luck.

As our Ducatis run on fuel, not fumes, we decided to stop by the usual refueling station, the BP station at the corner of highway 8 and highway 21.   It turns out, the Festus HOG group was at the station.  As one of the items on the list is to have a photo of a Harley Rider sitting on the Duc, with bonus points if he is wearing a club jacket.  We asked a member if he would do it, and he agreed.  During the shooting, he almost knocked my motorcycle over.

As the three of us had engagements later that day, we headed up 21 towards St. Louis.  This was a nice ride, and led to some fun as well as we were able to check off some of the items for the Scavenger Hunt.

Well, that is it for now.  Keep on riding and snapping photos.  I look forward to seeing all of you on the  group rides and at the bike nights.

Gary Kwawer
Chief Contact Person and President
Gateway Ducati Owners Group

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