Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 2012 Message

September brought a welcome respite from the triple digit temperatures that hit the Gateway region over the summer.  This allowed us to have more riding days as rain was absent for much of the month.  Please read this message all they way to the end as we are changing the location of our October 2, 2012 Bike Night.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

GDOG Upcoming Events

Here is a list of the upcoming and on-going events for the Gateway Ducati Owners Group:

On-going:  The Scavenger Hunt- 4 weeks left.  Please email photos to Joe Henderson ( to get credit.  This is an event that members can do on their own.


October 2, 2012 6:30PM Bike Night at East Coast Pizza in Chesterfield Valley.  Please note the change of location for this event.  This is the 3rd anniversary of the founding of our owners group.  As of now the weather looks great.  Please ride your Ducati to the event if you so desire, and join us for some Ducati viewing, camaraderie, pizza eating, and fun.

October 4-7, 2012  Tennessee Expedition led by Joe Henderson.  There is still time to participate, so email Joe Henderson if you wish to join.

October 6, 2012 Group ride.  Meet at the usual location at 8:00AM, leave at 8:30.  Ride leader and destination to be determined.

October 14, 2012 Columbus Day Parade on the Hill.  Per Rio Vitale, we will be the lead group in the parade.  Other motorcycle groups will be participating.  Let us try to have a great showing.  Please email Rio Vitale ( if you wish to participate.  

October 21, 2012 Time, Speed, Distance Rally  Please email Joe Henderson ( if you wish to participate.

November 3, 2012 Group Ride, weather permitting.

November bike night is cancelled due to the Presidential election.

December 4, 2012 6:30PM  The 4th Annual Gateway Ducati Owners Group Holiday Party.  We are holding it at Triumph Grill.  Please email me ( if you are attending.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Information of our Timed Speed Rally.

Please email me at if you are planning on participating.GDOG Timed Speed Distance Road Rally on Sunday, 10/21/12Here’s the concept of a TSD Rally;

TSD Rallies are run on public roads at speeds that are at the legal limit for that section of road. TSD rallying is not a race. The object of a TSD Rally is to maintain precise times and precise average speeds on various segments of a predefined route. Hidden checkpoints capture your time and record your score.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 2012 Group Ride

The September 2012 GDOG group ride is in the books.

The ride was held on Sunday, September 9.  Joe Henderson led a total of four riders to Gerald, MO via back roads, twist, and lots of turns.  Traffic was minimal.

Vito Sicola, Rob Menendez and Gary Kwawer joined Joe Henderson on the ride.  It was similar to past rides from over 3 years ago as these three riders were used to riding together.  The pace was comfortable for the entire ride and there were no surprises.  All riders returned to their houses safely.

For next week, on Saturday, September 15, weather permitting, Gary is going to plan a ride to the Missouri State Capital in Jefferson City to bag some scavenger hunt points.  The ride will leave at 8:30AM from the QT station at Highway 94 and O'Fallon road in St. Charles County.  This will be a long day, so the earlier departure is a good idea.

On Sunday, September 16, weather permitting, a ride to Hannibal, MO and Mark Twain's house is planned.  This will also be an opportunity to bag some scavenger hunt points.

Please email if you are interested in going.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September GDOG Group Ride Redux

The September Group Ride was rained out last weekend.  Never fear, we have a plan!

We shall be riding on Sunday, September 9, 2012.  Meet at the QT on Route 109, south of I-44 at 8:30AM and leave at 9AM.  The route is as follows:

We look forward to seeing you there.  The forecast looks like perfect riding weather!