About Us

As Ducati riders, we tend to not follow the crowd, but sometimes it is nice to know that you are not alone!

The Gateway Ducati Owners Group is dedicated to the riding and enjoyment of Ducati and other Italian manufacturer's motorcycles.  We are Ducati enthusiasts, are open to all Ducati owners, and are a diverse group who gather together once a week to ride our motorcycles, weather permitting. We also hold other events to promote Ducati motorcycles and our group, to contribute to the community, support the Ducati dealers in our area, and sometimes just to have fun! 

Each member has their reasons for joining the group, but it all starts with Ducati owners in the area finding each other and enjoying their machines. As the group evolves, each member will develop different reasons for being involved, their level of participation, and their ability to devote time to their motorcycle passions. It is not a stretch to say that there are as many reasons for being in the group as there are members. One of our focuses is ensuring that younger age Ducati riders, those who have just started in the Ducati world, are supported in their choice of motorcycle. We are committed to turning them into life-long Ducatistas!

As a group, we ride, exchange information about the technical and mechanical aspects of our machines; stories about how we got involved with Ducatis, rides we have taken, rides we want to take, and techniques to make us all better riders. All of us who participate have a commitment to having all of our riders who go on rides, return safely. Safety is paramount on our group rides. Each ride has a ride captain and a sweeper. As you may have noticed, we have more than one ride captain. This ensures that one person is not overburdened, and since each member is familiar with different routes, we have a variety of routes available to us.

An important part of the group is this website and our club’s forum on Ducati.ms.  Chris Ryan is our Webmaster, owner of the domain name, and moderator of the forum.  We use this site with his permission.  This forces our group to be active, exciting, to grow, and improve.  He is a stern taskmaster and is dedicated to the furthering of our group.  He, like all of us, is a volunteer, has spent many hours making certain that our website stays current and that the forum runs smoothly.  If we do not continue to advance our group, Chris will let us know! 

Our officers are elected to one-year terms that end at the end of October of the following year. The current slate of elected officers whose terms end October 31, 2015 are:

Chief Contact and President: Craig McElroy
Vice President and Ride Coordinator: Frank Trau
Secretary: Joe Heyduck
Treasurer: Bob Oesch