Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Information of our Timed Speed Rally.

Please email me at president@gatewayducati.com if you are planning on participating.GDOG Timed Speed Distance Road Rally on Sunday, 10/21/12Here’s the concept of a TSD Rally;

TSD Rallies are run on public roads at speeds that are at the legal limit for that section of road. TSD rallying is not a race. The object of a TSD Rally is to maintain precise times and precise average speeds on various segments of a predefined route. Hidden checkpoints capture your time and record your score.

Since we don’t have volunteers to man hidden checkpoints we have to improvise.The riders will not know what their exact time is supposed to be, basically just the Average Miles Per Hour they should ride. This will prevent speeding and then waiting at the check point to get an exact time.How do we do this: We have a group of riders all meet at a starting point. If we get enough participants we can have teams of two (which I think would be more fun). Each Team will go off in 3-5 minute intervals. I will have maps for each team with several checkpoints. The maps will have easy to follow, street by street directions. You can tape to your tank or leathers. I will test the directions beforehand so they are good.
Each checkpoint will be a gas station. Once you arrive at your checkpoint, a team member will rush into the gas station/mini-mart and make a small purchase (pack of gum, etc.), the Time Stamp on the Receipt will be your Timing Slip. Keep the Timing Slip! The timing slip will be used to calculate if you were over or under the required speed. From there, take off to the next checkpoint.You will be assessed points as penalties. Points are based on precision. 1 point for each minute you are under the checkpoint time and 2 points for every minute you are over the checkpoint time. The team with the lowest score is the winner.Example: If Team A arrives 4 minutes late, they receive 8 points, If Team Two arrives 2 minutes early, they are assessed 2 points. I have 4 checkpoints mapped out which should be a good ride with a finish at a place for lunch as the final checkpoint. You’ll exceed 100 miles, so I have built in a 5 minute window for fuel and a 15 minute rest stop.
I know we tend to ride faster than the posted speed limit, so to keep things fun and challenging, I have deducted 10% from the suggested Travel Estimate Times when creating the routes. This will make things a little “rushed”, but not dangerous or create a speeding ticket scenario.
The starting point will be the Eureka QT at 109 & I-44. If we start at 9:00am, the first team will be finished at noon. I have Joe Boccardi’s Ristorante in Eureka planned as the final checkpoint where we can tabulate timing slips/points and declare our winner over some lunch.
Sample Route
  1. TurnrightontoMO-W
  1. TurnrightontoMO-FF
  1. Turn right onto MO-F

  1. TurnleftontoMO-O
  1. TurnleftontoMO-N
  1. Turn left onto MO-30.
    Mobil Gas is right there.
  1. Checkpoint1-MobilGasStation,3732HWY30,Lonedell
Sample Time Stamp Sample Time AssessmentTimes are measured in 1⁄2 minute increments and are rounded to the nearest half minute.10:32:00 to 10:32:29 = 10:32:00 10:32:30 to 10:32:59 = 10:32:30page2image8264
Start at the Eureka QT-

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