Monday, November 10, 2014

October and Early November 2014 Message

Hi Folks,

This is my last post as Chief Contact Person and President of the Gateway Ducati Owners Group (GDOG).

Starting the owners group over 5 years ago was a leap of faith for the 8 of us who met at a picnic table outside of my office one fall day.  From 8 people to an email list of over 60 people is great growth. Over the years, many people have stepped up and taken on many rolls to ensure we had bike nights and group rides.  Thanks to MotoEuropa, we now have a dealership in the Gateway region that is committed to putting as many Ducs on the road as possible.  The motorcycle landscape of the region has changed for the better.  I thank all of you who have been there over the years to make certain that GDOG thrived and that there was a vibrant and vital place for Ducatistas to meet in Eastern Missouri.  All of you should be proud of what we accomplished.

Going forward, I believe GDOG is in great hands.  At the October bike night, the following officers were elected:

President:  Craig McElroy
Vice President and Ride Coordinator: Frank Trau
Secretary: Joe Heyduck
Treasurer: Bob Oesch

The secret to having a great organization is to get a group of people together with different talents and personalities, and put them in positions that maximize their skill sets, and let them go to work.  The current crop of GDOG officers will continue to grow the organization because they possess the necessary skill sets.  I am looking forward to a bright future for the organization.

Going forward, Craig will be writing the monthly communication.  Frank will be coordinating the group rides.  

Keep the rubber side down!

Gary Kwawer

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