Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monthly Message for February 2012

Gateway Ducati Owners Group first Bike Night of 2012 was held on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at Café Pintxos, located in the hotel adjacent to Triumph Grill.

As this was the first Thursday Bike Night, ever, attendance was very good with 11 members attending. Thanks to Pete Hall and MotoEuropa, we received our t-shirts and we were able to distribute them to the active members in attendance. Our treasurer, Bob Oesch, also distributed membership cards. Please remember, active members have paid dues for 2012, possess a membership card, and must have the card on them when receiving Gateway Ducati Owners Group benefits at MotoEuropa. Remember, the dues are $20.

One of our newest members, Russell Frazier, attended his first meeting. He discussed the Ducati Community, which is a social networking site dedicated to Ducati owners. Also, as Russell is an Iraqi War veteran, he shared with us his many experiences. Based on his recounting, we are lucky he is still with us. If you wish to read about him, Google “Russell Frazier WSJ” and an article about his exploits and good luck will appear in your search results. It is worth the read.

Joe Henderson sent an email to our membership regarding a trip to Arkansas. It sounds great for those riders who want to do overnight trips. The trip is scheduled for Father’s Day Weekend in June. Contact Joe if you are interested.

The Bike Nights for February are on the 7th and 16th at 6:30PM. As of this writing, we will be meeting at the Triumph Grill, in our usual room, for the Bike Night on February 7. We will continue passing out the membership cards and t-shirts to those members who are active. I will communicate via email, Facebook, website, and Ducati Community regarding the room for the Bike Night on the 16th.

Please ride safely on those days that we can!

Gary Kwawer
Chief Contact Person and President
Gateway Ducati Owners Group

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