Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monthly Message for March 2012

This will be a short message as activities were limited due to weather. But we have good news- this Saturday, March 3, 2012 we will have our first GDOG riding event of 2012. This event will be a destination ride. We don’t care when or where you start, but we do care where you end up. This will be the Ride to Eat Pizza. Start whenever and wherever, but end up at PW Pizza at 11:30AM. PW Pizza is located at 2017 Choteau. This address is located East of Jefferson, North Side of the street, in the same building that houses Vin de Set. We shall see you there!

Also, we have our first Bike Night for March 2012 on the 6th at 6:30PM at Triumph Grill, just East of Grand on Olive. Mark Oldham from MotoEuropa will be giving a presentation on motorcycle racing- why, how much, what is required, and anything else we wish to ask.
It is with a sense of loss that our Vice-President, Mark Schomaker, is resigning is positions in the Gateway Ducati Owners Group to pursue other interests. Mark has had interesting, challenging, bad, and good life experiences lately. I wish him well and hope he enjoys his new endeavors. He has agreed to continue handling the social media area for GDOG. I know we all wish him well.
The official DOC affiliation renewal packets are back in. I have printed out the paperwork and we shall discuss at our March 6 Bike Night. T-shirts and membership cards will be distributed to those who are current on 2012 dues. We also will formally elect a new Vice-President.
We had two Bike Nights in February. Ryan from MotoEuropa discussed riding style and its impact on tire selection at both events. He did a great job, provided useful information, and everyone benefited. The 1st bike night was well attended, the 2nd bike night, less so. I am certain that attendance on the 2nd bike night will improve as the year progresses.
So, I shall see you at the Ride to Eat Pizza and March 6 and March 15 Bike Nights.

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