Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Look!

If you guys haven't noticed, the website changes discussed in the forums have taken effect.  Hopefully everyone likes the new design and layout!

New features to check out (after break):

  • Chronological posts - you'll be able to see the newest info first.  News, rides, meetings all served hot and ready.
  • Post auto archived by labels - choose a category on the right and see all related posts.
  • Comments - give feedback on a post right on the site. 
  • See the next ride/meeting on the right hand side, all the way at the top.
  • Calender of Events
  • Polls - its mundane now, but will be used to vote on various club decisions in the future.

Thats just a few of the best new features we have going.  With change, there are few bugs.  Trying to work things out with the old gallery, so everything plays nice.  Hopefully it'll be back soon.

As always, leave some feedback, make suggestions, complain - whatever.


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