Monday, June 7, 2010

Monthly Message for June 2010

June has arrived in Missouri, and with it great riding weather!

I am writing this note after getting lost on Sunday morning, June 6, 2010 for 3.5 hours on my Multistrada and consequently I am in a great mood!  The weather this weekend has been cooler than the week before, and I hope all of our members are enjoying this weather.

Our normal, 1st Saturday of the month ride also did not occur, so I will be leading a ride to Eminence, MO and back on Saturday, June 12, 2010.  The rain date will be Sunday, June 13, 2010.  We will leave early from a spot near I270 and Tesson Ferry.  This will be a long day- 300+ miles in the saddle. The proposed route is as follows (inputs are welcome): 

7:45AM Kickstands up at the QT on Tesson Ferry, East Southwest of  of I270, just past St. Anthony's hospital.  When exiting I270 at Tesson Ferry, go towards St. Anthony's, and continue past. The QT is on the same side of the street as the hospital in the direction of Jefferson County.

MO 21 to Old MO 21 towards Potosi, change to MO 21 in Hillsborough, and continue to Potosi

At Highway 8, turn west and stop at the BP station to meet Russell Briggs, gas up, etc.
.Per Google Maps, we should be there between 8:45 and 9:00. (54 miles or so)

Potosi to Eminence

Continue on Highway 8 and take to P,  turn left on P

P to C, make a slight right, cross and continue to DD to MO 32, West, right

MO 32 to State Highway KK, turn left

State Highway KK to MO72, West, right

MO72 to State Highway A, left

State Highway A to MO19 South

MO 19 into Eminence, where we shall lunch.  (about 94 miles)

Eminence Back to Potosi

After lunch, take MO 106 East to MO 21 North (about 27 miles) 

Take MO 21 to State Highway N, slight left (about 20 miles)

State Highway N to State Highway MM, left

MM to County Route 216, rt to State Highway O (should be a continuation)

State Highway O to Old Highway 21, left

Old Highway 21 to 21 left, take to Potosi where we shall gas up and regroup (about 86 miles) and we take 21 all the way back to I270 (I will likely be exiting at 141).
We did not have our regularly scheduled meeting this month. Instead, we will be having the 1st ever Gateway Ducati Owners Group Barbeque on Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 12:30PM. It will be held at Motoradd St. Louis as George Saunders has graciously offered to host the event at his facility. Families are welcome, but we do need to have a headcount. Vito will lead a ride earlier in the day for those who are not assisting in the preparation. Clif Portel will lead the group ride for July. Meeting place and route to be announced. There seems to be a large number of our members becoming addicted to the adrenaline of track days. I am happy that they have discovered other aspects of the sport and wish them well. What I am hoping is that they continue to participate in the club's activities and follow through on their club responsibilities. The club seems to enjoy the meetings, occasionally riding together as a group, and also they seem to be supporting each other on track days as well as riding together informally. This is all good and a definite improvement over last year at this time. Going forward, I would like to remind our members that elections will be held at the September meeting and that the President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer positions are all going to require people to staff them if this club is to survive. Now is the time for our members to decide if they are interested. Remember, we did apply to be an "official club" and we were turned down. In my opinion, deservedly so, because we need to demonstrate that we are not a one-year wonder! For those people who do not read the business journal, a new Ducati dealership is likely to be opened this summer. Sincerely, Gary Kwawer

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  1. "getting lost" on a the multi on a beautiful day is a great way to spend a sunday.