Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monthly Message for November 2011

Hi Folks!

This is a mid-month post because certain important things have happened.

First, the long awaited membership kits from Ducati DOC have arrived in St. Louis. A photograph will be posted as proof on this site as soon as possible.

Secondly, the month of November has been one that has been marred by poor communications. Rather than dwell on what has occurred, I am choosing to focus on how to ensure we continue to foster and execute good communications within GDOG as well as to and from GDOG from our outside partners.

Focusing within GDOG: our bike nights, this website, the Facebook page, the forum, telephone calls and emails will continue to be our main methods of communication. We will use all of these methods and technologies to cater to each individual's preferred method of transmitting and receiving information. Using all manner of communication, while being somewhat time consuming, also has a built in redundancy in case any method doesn't work. With respect to email, when replying to me, please do not click on the reply to all button.

While I cannot speak for others, my preferences, in the following order, are phone, email, message on Facebook. If I receive a request from any club member, my pledge to you is that I shall reach out to you as soon as possible. I also will not stop until I reach you.

Right now, the email distribution list is 55 individuals. Starting January 1, 2012, only members who are active members (i.e. those who have paid their 2012 dues) will be included on the email list and be considered members of the club. This decision was suggested by many of the officers and paid members, and was not taken lightly. Many of us believe the benefits of membership outweigh the $20.00 per year cost.

Please remember, straightforward and unambiguous communication will make GDOG run smoother and easier.

As there was some confusion concerning the start of November's group ride, all of our monthly group rides meet at 8:30AM at the Shell Station/Circle K on Lindberg Road, South of I-44, on the West side of the street. The group sets off by 9:00AM.

I am glad the promised kits have finally materialized. I am hoping that the challenges encountered thus far in November are behind us. Let us look forward to welcoming new members to our Owners Group, our Annual Holiday Party to be held on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at 6:30 PM at MotoEuropa (reservations are required) and a great rest of 2011 and an awesome 2012.

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  1. Can't make the Holiday party (or most club meetings). All my classes meet on Tuesday nights. Doh!!

    Enjoy, folks.