Monday, March 1, 2010

Monthly Message for March 2010

Spring is in the air, the weather is starting to warm up in the Gateway City, and the members of the Gateway Ducati Owners Group are starting to ride.

The first weekend of March had a timing belt workshop given by Fred Hecker at his house and was attended by Vito and Carlos.  Other members went riding over the weekend and started to be reacquainted with their Ducatis.

The March meeting was held on the 9th at Pizza a-Go-Go in South St. Louis and was attended by 7 members.  We discussed the upcoming rides, new meeting places, perused the new Benzina Magazine, and ate excellent pizza.  George Saunders of Motorrad of St. Louis reminded us that we need to check tire pressure and fluid levels prior to each ride.  This is a routine procedure, but needs to be done regularly for safety's sake.  George also suggested that we try to get together and ride to Springfield, IL during Memorial Day weekend and attend the Springfield Mile.  I have suggested this event to my significant other, and she has agreed to an overnight stay in Springfield.  We have already reserved a room.  When I telephoned the organizers, I found out that a Ducati will be in the field and will be ridden by Joe Kopp, a noted flat track racer.  If you are planning to attend the event and stay overnight, you should make a hotel reservation soon, as this is a big event in the area.  The organizers have packages available with various hotels.  It is also possible for us to be seated in a group, get good seats, etc.  If you are planning to go, contact me and we can try to get treated as a group.

In order for everyone to plan the next couple of months and clear their calendars and get approval from the bosses of their respective household, please note the day and times of the following events:

The first group ride of the season will be April 3, 2010, with a rain date of April 10, 2010, and we will be heading to Stone Hill Winery in Hermann, MO for lunch at 11:15AM.  If you can't make the group start, you can meet us at the winery for lunch.  After lunch, we are going to have a short tour of the winemaking process as performed at Stone Hill by our very own GDOG member Shaun Turnbull, who is one of the winemakers at Stone Hill.  We will then be riding back to our respective abodes.

The April meeting will be held at Nick and Elena's Pizzeria on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 6:30PM.  The restaurant is located at 3007 Woodson Road in Overland, MO. 

During the meeting and during conversations I have had with other members, a repeat of Ducatis on Delmar is desired.  This will be for our May 4 meeting at 6:30PM.  

Another motorcycle event in St. Louis is the Supercross event at the Edward Jones Dome and will be held on the weekend of April 17.  While this is not a Ducati event, but it is a motorcycle event and something worth mentioning to the membership.  

Shortly after the Supercross event, Donelson Cycles will be having an open house.  Once I have more details, it will be posted.

Earlier in this note I mentioned Benzina Magazine.  This magazine is of the highest quality.  It focuses on old Italian makes and historic motorcycles.  Check online to obtain a subscription.  I believe there are 4 issues per year.  

Members, please spend time getting back in riding condition, get reacquainted with your motorcycle, and practice the pre-ride checklist suggested by George Saunders.

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