Monday, February 1, 2010

Monthly Message for February 2010

The February 2010 meeting for the Gateway Ducati Owners Group was held on the 9tth at Sugo's restaurant.  

Important business items are as follows:

1-During the off-season, the meetings will be held at 6:30PM on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  For March, that is the 9th, and it will be held at Pizza a Go Go whose address is as follows   6703 Scanlan Avenue St Louis, MO 63139-2536 (314) 781-1234 ;

2- In season, the first Saturday of month will be a combination of a ride as well as a group meeting held at our lunch stop.  The standing rain date will always be the 2nd Saturday of the month.  Rain cancellations are at the discretion of the Ride Captain.  This will be considered the official club ride and will be posted on the website.  Members who wish to hook up and ride on other days and times are encouraged to so do.

3- World Ducati Week will be held in June.  Information can be found on the website.

4- We have applied for official factory recognition.  Nothing has been received as of this writing (2/28/10).

5- New business cards have been printed and were passed out to the 8 members who attended.

6- Elections this year will be held at the September meeting.

As all of you have noticed, the days are getting longer and the temperatures are starting to warm up.  I am certainly looking forward to riding in March.  I hope all others are as well.

During the discussion during the meal on the 9th, it became clear that different members have different desires for the owners group.  Many of our members enjoy the day rides, others, like me, are interested in overnight or several day rides.  Two members are planning to go to the MotoGP races at Indy.  I am planning a ride to the East Coast and back.  The neat thing about us, is the differences within the group.  Each rider has their own wants and desires.  Just as we have different motorcycles, we have different riding desires.  I think this is one of our group's strengths!

Gary Kwawer

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