Sunday, April 7, 2013

March and April 2013 Message

Hi Everyone,

I chose to combine March and April messages as the weather in March 2013 was not conducive to man or beast, especially those who use 2 wheels to get around.

The weather at the beginning of the month was not good, removing the ability to ride for our first group ride of the month.  The weather at the end of the month was too cold for the second ride of the month.  The Sunday, April 7 ride looks good to go.  Meet at the QT on route 109, south of I-44 at 8:30AM.  Ride starts at 9:00AM.  Joe Henderson is looking forward to leading the ride.

The March Bike Night was held at the residence of Eric and Jennifer Nordstrom.  They have awesome media room, and more mechanical toys than you can believe.  Pizza was delivered, snow was falling, and a total of 7 people braved the elements, and crossing the Missouri River, to attend the bike night.  We spent the time watching some of the Isle of Man TT races, and another movie which was made in the late 90's depicting 4 riders touring in the south of France on Italian twins.  A good time was had by all.  A big thank you to the Nordstroms for hosting the event!

Our Bike Night for April was held at East Coast Pizza in Chesterfield Valley.  As you can see by the images below (care of Chris Ryan) we had a nice turnout of 11 people with 4 new faces.  We discussed the upcoming ride on Sunday, April 7, 2013.  The details are above.  As can be seen, the folks at East Coast Pizza welcomed us and enjoyed having us at the restaurant.

Eric Nordstrom and Kovy Young discussing some aspects of the club......

The lineup of the motorcycles and people at the event....

Eric Nordstrom's niece baked Ducati cookies for his birthday, and he shared them that evening.  Pretty cool......

The annual recertification process to be an official DOC is still going on.  We passed round one, and I spent 8 hours one Sunday entering everything into the database to complete round two.  As of now, I have not heard if we have been accepted into the fold.  I have been receiving emails discussing various events around the world, but no club in the US has been informed as to whether they are an official DOC

The first group ride occurred a day early, on Saturday, April 6.  The weather for the 7th looked dicey, so the ride captain, Joe Henderson, called an audible, emailed everyone, and the ride took place.  Seven riders: Vito, Jay, Kevin Davidson, Craig McElroy, Kovy Young, Mike Balducci, and Joe Henderson enjoyed a beautiful day.  Now, as I am writing this on the 7th, the day turned out great.  Apparently, weather forecasters and witch doctors have the same degree of accuracy!  The next group ride is for Saturday, April 20.  Same starting place- QT on route 109, south of I44.  I will be out of town, so communication about the ride will more than likely be on the GDOG Facebook page.  More to come.

We shall be returning to East Coast Pizza for our Bike Night on May 7.  The restaurant welcomes us, ropes off spaces for us to park, and the price is reasonable.  In June, we are likely to try and find other places.

Ride safe.

Gary Kwawer
Chief Contact Person and President
Gateway Ducati Owners Group

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