Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 2013 Monthly Message

Hi Folks,

Mother Nature has made it difficult to enjoy life on two wheels for most of January and thus far in February.  Regardless, we shall continue to do what we can to prepare for the upcoming riding season as spring is around the corner!

I recently attended the International Motorcycle Show in the Chicago area.  Ducati unveiled the Diavel Strada and the Hyper Strada.  These two motorcycles are designed to be commuter and traveling versions of the Hypermotard and the Diavel.  Both add a small windshield and panniers.  Once I learn how to post photos, I will show them on the website.  Ducati also put on a fashion show at the event that I did not attend.
Given that riding season is around the corner, let me ask you the following questions:  Are you prepared?  The downtime of winter allows us to complete the necessary service on our Ducatis.   Have you completed the required service and adjustments?  Is your operator’s license still valid?  Is your motorcycle insurance still in force?  Have you inspected your riding gear?  Does it still fit?  Are there repairs that need to be completed? 

Continuing on the above theme, let us focus now on you.  Are you in physical shape to begin riding the twisties for hours on end?  What about your riding skills?  Do you need to enroll in any MSF programs to improve your skills?  In our owners group, we have two members (Mark Schomaker and Jeremy Seavey) who are MSF rider coaches.  I am certain they can provide us with information on the schedule of courses in Eastern Missouri.  Also, are you an AMA member?  Last month I discussed one of the benefits of a membership- roadside assistance.  This is very useful.  Moreover, the AMA advocates on our behalf regarding legislation that affects motorcycling.  Also, if we have five AMA members in our club, we will be able to become an AMA affiliated club.  Becoming an AMA affiliated club may increase our visibility and allow us to attract new members and provide additional benefits.  Please consider joining if this interests you.

We held the February Bike Night at the Triumph Grill on February 5, 2013.  The meeting was well attended given the weather and time of year.  The focus of the meeting was the upcoming activities for 2013.  All in attendance were in favor of 2 group rides and one bike night per month.  The first group ride will be held on the first Sunday of the month with the rain date being the next available weekend day, either Saturday or Sunday.  The second group ride is on the third Saturday of the month.  Rain dates will be the next available weekend day. 

Bike nights will still be held on the first Tuesday of the month as proposed in earlier an earlier message.   The next one is March 5 at 6:30PM.  The locations will be at various restaurants and pizza places around the St. Louis area.  Members on the email distribution list, members of our Facebook group, subscribers to the bulletin board, and readers of this website will receive advance notice. 

Speaking of the Gateway Ducati Owners Group Facebook page, I encourage all members who are on Facebook to become members of our page.  While many members of our owners group peruse the bulletin board, it is becoming less relevant as people are migrating to Facebook.  I will also continue to use email, Facebook, and the website to inform our members. 

Please remember 2013 dues should be paid. 

We are awaiting the word as to whether we are able to move to step 2 in the DOC certification process.  When I know, you will know.

Should you have any questions, concerns, comments, and suggestions, please contact me via email, telephone, or text.   Do expect a telephone call back so we can discuss those items of interest and/or concern.

Thank you.

Gary Kwawer
Chief Contact Person and President
Gateway Ducati Owners Group

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