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Gateway Ducati Owners Group Monthly Message October 2012

Hi Folks,

Before we go much further, please note that there will be no Bike Night on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 due to the presidential election.  Also, the GDOG holiday party is being held on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 6:30PM.  Reservations are a must, so email me if you are attending.  This information is repeated below as well.

The nice riding weather in September changed for the worst as October arrived. 

The Bike Night held on the 2nd at East Coast Pizza in Chesterfield Valley was a rousing success as 19 people showed up with a large number riding to the event.  14 Ducatis were lined up in the roped off area of the parking lot that the restaurant reserved for our use.  This was a significant event in that we have completed three years in our current incarnation as an owners’ group, and we are starting on our fourth year.  As is our custom, elections for officers were held for the upcoming year.  The results are as follows:

            President:  Gary Kwawer
            Vice President: Vito Sicola
            Treasurer: Bob Oesch
            Ride Captain: Joe Henderson
            Assistant Ride Captain: Nagendra “Jay” Jayanty

The event was a throwback to our beginnings of an owners’ group as our bike nights were held at pizza places around the area.  The main factor in those days was for the pizza to be good, parking lot to be visible, and the group to be welcomed by the restaurant. 

The monthly ride was held on Saturday, October 6.  The weather had turned much colder in the 4 days since the bike night.  I led the ride.  Eric Nordstrom and Giorgio Tortora were the brave soles joining me that day.  We arrived at the rendezvous point at 8:30AM.  Giorgio showed up in jeans and summer riding gear.  Eric showed up in more layers.  I showed up in full winter gear along with my heated vest and gloves.  It became apparent that a full ride in inadequate gear would turn riders into popsicles, so we headed to my house and I was able to outfit the guys in warmer gear for the ride.   The ride that day turned out to be a scavenger hunt ride, so we got photos of a minor league stadium, lake, state park, and war memorial.  The sun broke through on the ride home and it was much warmer.  The need for winter riding gear to extend the season for all of us is something we can address in future bike nights.

Speaking of the 1st annual Scavenger Hunt.  The results are in and are as follows:

            Jon Short - 50
N. “Jay”  Jayanty - 329
Giorgio Tortora - 789
Eric Nordstrom - 820
Joe Henderson - 979
Gary Kwawer - 1,113
Dave Noelken - 1,588
Steven Davis - 1,588

Dave and Steven had an epic ride where they collected many of their points.  Joe swears he would have caught them, but his motorcycle was not helpful.  I was planning on a ride on 11/3, but a broken big toe on my right foot has kept me off the bike.  Congratulations to Dave and Steven for winning the event.  Great job.  Thanks to Joe Henderson for organizing and administering the event.  Photos for the event can be found using the following link:

On to future events.  There will be no bike night in November as the national election takes priority.  The 3rd annual Gateway Ducati Owners Group Holiday Party is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4 at 6:30PM. We shall be in the Agusta Room at Triumph Grill.  Reservations are required.  This is an event for members and guests.  Cost will be $25.00 per person, plus tip and alcoholic beverages.  The menu will offer many choices for those of us who have dietary constraints.  Please email me at if you plan on attending.

The resumption of our bike nights will be on February 5, 2012.  Plenty of reminders will hit your email, websites, etc.  We will keep you informed.   Also, as an FYI- motorcycle shows are starting to crop up around the USA to keep the interest up during the winter months.  Check the internet and make plans to travel to one if you are able.

I will shoot out another message at the end of November.  Ride when weather permits and enjoy your families.

Gary Kwawer
Chief Contact Person and President
Gateway Ducati Owners Group

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