Friday, August 31, 2012

August Message for the Gateway Ducati Owners Group

August was a busy month for Ducatistas in the United States.  The end of July had MotoGP at Laguna Seca.  The early part of August had the Pikes Peak race where Multistradas demonstrated their excellence.  The final US event was held the weekend of the 18th, MotoGP at Indy.  One week after Indy, the MotoGP race at Brno in the Czech Republic was held.  Lots of racing for Ducati fans.

Several of our members did the Indy run and assisted at Ducati Island.  Reports that I have received indicate that it was a great time and the factory did much to make the experience great for Ducatistas.  Unfortunately, no Ducati rider made it to the podium.

Closer to home, the owners group had a group ride on the 4th to Bourbon, MO.  This ride left earlier than usual and was led by me.  Vito and Giorgio joined me on the ride.  The roads were in great shape, and temperature was getting hot along the route.  While in Bourbon, the three of us decided to head back via I-44.  Vito led the way with Giorgio following.  Once they hit warp speed, I decided to let them go ahead and I rode at my own pace back to my house.  All riders arrived home in one piece.

The August 7th Bike Night was well attended with both new and old members.  For those members that attended and I had membership kits for, I passed them out.  I will continue distributing the kits at Bike Nights until they are gone.  We had a great presentation by Jeff Pittinger.  Jeff discussed many of the aspects of touring on two wheels.  As he has ridden several hundreds of thousands of miles, without incident, his experience and sage advice is appreciated.  Ryan Harrison from MotoEuropa presented a new luggage line that is now being carried at the dealership.  Ryan also demonstrated his method of packing lots of clothing into a small space.  After watching his technique, I am amazed at how much he can fit in a small volume. 

We initiated a second group ride in August and it was held on the 18th.  As MotoGP was going on that weekend, Joe Henderson and Giorgio were the only takers.  They did a pre-ride of the September 1 ride, and the route is on our website.

The weekend of the 25th was active as well.  Vito and Cuban Rob did a ride on Saturday to Hillsborough.  Joe and Jay did a Scavenger Hunt Ride.  Later in the afternoon of the 25th, many members converged at MotoEuropa to hang out, pick up parts, look at motorcycles, and just socialize.  I was there with my brother-in-law, who visited from Peoria.  He enjoyed meeting all the members.

For the September 4th Bike Night, we will be introduced to the new management team at MotoEuropa, we shall discuss more of Ducati’s plans for the clubs and the brand as was presented at the World President’s Meeting of 2012.  We shall highlight upcoming events, and I will continue to pass out membership kits to those of us who requested them in 2011. 

One activity that is being held by the Gateway Ducati Owners Group, starting in August, is the Scavenger Hunt.  The Hunt is open to all active members (those who have paid their $20 annual fee) and consists of taking photos of your Ducati in front of a variety of items.  As I noted in a previous post, I did a Bixby ride, and I photographed my MTS in front of the Bixby General Store (80 Points).  As my brother-in-law was visiting from 8/23-8/26, we also toured the various motorcycle related activities in St. Louis.  We rode to the Munganast Motorcycle Museum on Gravois (I have a photo showing the address and my motorcycle), and we stopped by MotoEuropa where he viewed the MotoMuseum, met many of GDOG members, met the staff, and was impressed with the dealership.  They do not have a dealership like MotoEuropa in Peoria, IL (where he is from).  I also managed to photograph my motorcycle alongside two police motorcycles while I was parked at MotoEuropa.  Sometimes it pays to be lucky.

Some future activities are on tap for the rest of the year.  The I-70 series continues and the dates and tracks are as follows:

  Putnam Park – Sept 8-9
          Heartland Park Topeka - Sept 29-30
          Gateway Motorsports Park – Oct 13-14

Some of you may be familiar with Barber Vintage Festival held at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama in October.  Well, Ducstock II will also be held at that time.  Those of you interested in attending Ducstock and want more information on the event, please email me at and I shall send you the information that I have. 

As the dog days of summer come to a close and the mercury becomes more bearable, we should see great riding days in the St. Louis area.  Let us keep the rubber side down as we take advantage of the roads and camaraderie we have.

Gary Kwawer
Chief Contact Person and President
Gateway Ducati Owners Group

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