Saturday, June 2, 2012

Monthly Message for May 2012

Hi Folks,

As I am riding this message, members of our owners group are on the June ride to Bixby.  Obviously, I am a couple of days late with the message.

May was a month full of activities for the Gateway Ducati Owners Group.  Before we get into the past events, get out your calendar so you can plan for the following upcoming events:
June 2- Monthly Group Ride should be completed by the time you read this note.

June 5- Bike Night at Triumph Grill 6:30PM- Members of MCRA will be discussing track day preparation, process, procedures, and etiquette.
June 15-17- Arkansas Ride led by Joe Henderson

June 21- Bike Night at Café Pinxtos- led by Vito Sicola.  The meeting will be held outside, weather permitting.

            July 3- Bike Night at Triumph Grill, 6:30PM

            July 7- Group ride, led by Joe Henderson, route to be determined.
            July 19- Bike Night at Café Pinxtos

            August 4- Group Ride

August 7- Bike Night at Triumph Grill.  The presentation is by Jeff Pittinger, Ryan Harrison, and Gary Kwawer on touring on Ducati Motorcycles.  

Also, per Pete Hall at MotoEuropa, the remaining I-70 MCRA Series dates are as follows:

§  Gateway Motorsports Park - Jun 16-17
§  Heartland Park Topeka - Jul 7-8
§  Gateway Motorsports Park - Aug 4-5
§  Putnam Park – Sept 8-9
§  Heartland Park Topeka - Sept 29-30
§  Gateway Motorsports Park – Oct 13-14

The track days held over the Memorial Day weekend were successful.  We have six more opportunities to enjoy ourselves.  Three of the days are in our backyard at Gateway. 

May was a full calendar of events for our owners’ group.  New members attended the meetings and the group ride. I have recertified our member list for the DOC.  Apparently, DOC is serious about verifying our membership list since they have asked twice.

The first bike night in May was an informal meeting with no presentation.  We discussed what we want in upcoming bike nights and different trips and presentations we can go on as a group.

The group ride was held on the 5th with a trip via back roads to Hermann from our start point at the QT on 109 and I-44.  On the way back we finished up near DD and Interstate 64.  The day was hot.  One of the favorite roads for all of us was route Y, off of 19, north of Hermann, and ending at I70.  This road has been recently paved, is in great shape, and takes the riders back to Interstate 70.  All of us had a great time on the road.  All riders who started the day, returned on their own motorcycles.  The pace set by Raymond was manageable, the roads nice, and cars were minimal, but still there. 

The second Bike Night was held on the 17th.  As I was out of town, Vito Sicola led the meeting.  The motorcycles were parked outside and generated much interest from passers by.  The Bike Night was held in the outside area of Café Pinxtos. 

The last ten days of May ended with very hot temperatures.  The beginning of June is quite mild and perfect for riding. 

For those of you who are MotoGP fans,  Vito Sicola and Andrew Quinn are arranging the ride to Indy for this year’s event.  Vito can be reached at for more information.

Please ride safely.  I shall see you at the events.

Gary Kwawer
Chief Contact Person and President
Gateway Ducati Owners Group

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